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November 3, 2018 | Mt. Hood Community College


Sparring, Breaking, Poomse; Read about all the different events avaliable at this year's tournament.

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General tournament information, including history and past / future events.

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Rules and regulations including daedo for every event and the general tournament.

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Tournament schedule, all belts, events, and execution listed in chronological order.

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What is the NW Black Belt Association?

NW Black Belt Association was founded by our late Grandmaster Tae Hong Choi in 1975. Our organization is a committee of Black Belts throughout Oregon and Washington dedicated to raising the standards in teaching and improving the movement of Taekwondo and its tradition.

One of the events sponsored by the NWBBA is the bi-annual Taekwondo Championships held in Oregon. Which attracts hundreds of competitors from dozens of schools throughout the region to gather to compete, share, and to build camaraderie among all martial arts schools. In addition, by sponsoring the events, our mission is to promote and develop grassroots and national level competitive aspect of sport Taekwondo. With the introduction of the Hanmadang to the region to help develop the traditional aspects of Taekwondo in a festive maner.

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